Welcome to Sound Community Services, Inc. (SCSI) a private, not-for-profit organization. We are dedicated to educating, empowering, and creating opportunities for individuals with behavioral health & substance abuse diseases. We support achievement of client centered, wellness focused services including: Clinical, Employment, Social Rehab, Residential, Community, Behavioral Health Homes, and Additional Partnering Programs.


We offer solutions to problems that can seem hopeless and…


Together, we change lives by creating a better future through empowerment, knowledge and opportunity while living our values of integrity, teamwork and service to our clients, our community and each other.


  • We are an agency that supports individuals with persistent mental illness and/or substance use disorders.
  • We believe recovery from these illnesses is possible when fostered by respect, understanding, empowerment, education, awareness, and engagement through a consistent, unstigmatized supportive structure rooted in individualized services.
  • We offer support in the mainstays of recovery and wellness: life skills, social supports, employment and housing.
  • We act as a consistent and reliable resource for our clients to access as their needs arise.
  • We believe in our clients and apply evidence based practices to help them shine.