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“Moving Life Forward through Engagement, Employment and Hidden Voices at the 1st Annual Sound Community Services Awards Gala”

Gino DeMaio kicked off the evening to celebrate the achievements of individuals in the Employment Services Program and healing arts therapy groups with the question “How do you define engagement?” The 1st Annual Awards Gala was held Friday, November 18th, courtesy of La Luna Ristorante located at the Holiday Inn in New London. The formal dinner was sponsored by many local agencies with support from several community partners, volunteers and donors. Sound Community Services is taking recovery a step further with engagement through employment services and therapeutic arts. The overwhelming success of the programs called for a celebration of the accomplishments by participants and collaborating partners throughout the region.

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Gino has always had a true passion for grass roots development and taking action to implement change. His leadership style is about creating a shared vision and influencing those around him. read more…

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