Finding Purpose

It’s become increasingly clear that many organizations are being challenged to think about why they exist, the meaning they want to make, and their mission.

And much like those organizations, we need to be thoughtful and eventually intentional about our personal reason for being, the extraordinary potential to make a difference we were all born with commonly known as our purpose. And when our purpose aligns with our values and is evident in our behaviors, we are the best version of ourselves—our authentic self, full of energy and positivity.

Your purpose is uniquely yours and like Viktor Frankl says in Man’s Search for Meaning, “…it demands fulfillment.” Unfortunately today there is a shared belief that the extraordinary potential that lives in all of us is largely untapped. While there are many reasons for this, the optimist’s view is the significant opportunity it represents.

Imagine the possibilities that exist for an organization that focuses on igniting the potential of its employees. An organization that in Abraham Maslow’s terms inspires people to “become everything they are capable of becoming.”

The results will be extraordinary.

About Gino Demaio

Gino has always had a true passion for grass roots development and taking action to implement change. His leadership style is about creating a shared vision and influencing those around him. read more…

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