Heaven On Earth-3 Questions

Ever think about your “heaven on earth?”  It’s a great exercise to help us visualize the life we want to live and the impact we want to have on humanity.  See, we have quite a bit of influence in how our lives unfold and how we impact our world.  Thinking about, writing about and sharing what that looks like for us is a part of making it a reality.

I have great mentors who encourage me to use tools like this to keep my life on course to make the most impact.  I don’t always stay on track, but at least I regularly examine where I am and remind myself where I want to be.   So activities like: writing goals, listing my tolerations (things I am tolerating), recording things I am grateful for, and writing out my “heaven on earth” is a yearly activity.  Martin Rutte is the creator of one version of this exercise. You can watch him talk about this online at:


Here is his three-question exercise:

  1. Question #1: Write out or think of a time when you experienced your definition of “heaven on earth” (there’s no wrong answer – write down/think of whatever comes to your mind!)
  1. Question #2: If you had a magic wand that could design your “heaven on earth”, what would you create?” (Get specific. What does it sound like, look like, feel like… how does your day unfold?)
  1. Question #3: What simple, easy steps can you take in the next 24 hours to make “heaven on earth” real for you or to have more of those things? (keep it simple… what one little thing can you start doing?)

Here are my answers this time around:

  1. My “heaven on earth” was when I was being present in the moments of my life. When I have done this, I walk away from: interactions, volunteer activities, visits with family… whatever it may be…  with a very strong sense of gratitude and connection.   I can’t be everywhere I want to be or do all that I want to do, however, when I fully participate in the things I am doing, it makes a positive difference in my entire experience, relationships and learnings.  It also makes a difference for those who I am with.
  2. My wand would help create space in my mind and my day to be more intentional in what I did and said. It would bring more fulfilling moments where I am blending my energy and ideas with others to create a greater  outcome than I could create on my own.  There would be activity, music, sunshine, puppies and fresh air to keep me calm, happy and energized!
  3. One thing I can do to get me closer to this heaven on earth is to connect with a friend, family member or colleague every day to share time, energy, or ideas. Another thing I can do is commit to walk/run with my dog every morning to enjoy fresh air, time with my pet and sunshine.  Just these two things can help me to create more positive energy to share with others and to create more space in my day to slow down and be present.

There you have it! I hope you enjoy trying this exercise yourself or with someone else to get your ideas flowing of how your life can be even more impactful than it already is.  And you can enjoy a little slice of heaven more often.





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