If Love Had Wings

If Love Had Wings

If love had  Wings I would watch it soar through the sky.

If love had wings I ‘d have it fly me into your arms when I am  aroused.

I love you more than this life I am living right now, because it seems your joy keeps me up,

while this life of mine continues to bring me down.

If   love had wings

I’d have my love for you fly into your heart , so you can see what my love brings.

If love had wings

I’d have love deliver memories along with perfume oils and roses,  I know you love those things.

If love had wings would you cry, when you see it fly away?

If love knocked on your door would you tell it to go away

or let it stay?

If love had wings how would you react to it if it flew into your arms today?

If love didn’t have wings we would be lost,

Because only love would show us the way……if love had wings.


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