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The Behavioral Health Homes program at Sound Community Services is a special set of services delivered by our BHH team and other staff at Sound for a specific group of our clients who are in need of coordinated medical care in order to improve their overall health.

The program is funded by DMHAS and the federal Center for Medicaid and Medicare, and it includes an enrollment of 450 of our active clients. Sound Community Services is one of only ten provider agencies in our state chosen to participate during this two year demonstration program.

The spirit of the initiative is to promote the integration of care through the communication and coordination between medical and behavioral health providers to address the clients’ health needs in a holistic approach.


Behavioral Health Homes Initiative
The BHH team includes a Nurse Care Manager, Case Managers, Peer Recovery Specialists, an Administrative and Data Specialist, and other clinical and managerial staff.

The goals of the program include:

  • Improving the quality of services and health outcomes by reducing the number of hospital visits
  • Reducing the incidence and severity of substance abuse
  • Enhancing the use of preventive care by individuals with severe and persistence mental illness
  • Improving the care of chronic medical conditions through disease management, education, and self-care
  • Offering BHH clients participation in wellness groups and health promotion activities

The early implementation of the program at Sound has successfully led to achieving the enrollment target of 450 clients and the assessment of their medical needs. This assessment resulted in the following finding: 40% of our BHH clients have a high lev l of need and are at risk for a medical crisis.

We strive to contact all our BHH clients at least once a month to offer our support in facilitating their appointments and improving their overall access to care.