Image of GOD

We should not symbolize GOD by worshiping images or idols of him. The representation of the GOD, we worship or idolize should be seen through the actions of our true heart. We are to be the true images, not things we hang on our walls or on our necks.

What should the image of GOD look like? Is it a cross? Is it a statue? Is it a portrait of a man? No, it is “us” and the way live and act! Can I get an Amen?

For no one has really seen the face of Christ that is pictured today. We can only guess what he looks like. Or can we really see his face? His face shows in the daughters of saved souls today. His face shows in the full bellies of the hungry. His face shows in the shelter for the homeless. His face shows in the hope of the hopeless. His face shows through the smiles on our faces as we praise. His glorious name, I can see JESUS.

Can you see HIM?

Michael S

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