Mothers Oak

My mom wrote this poem for her mom, my nana. I spent many school vacations sitting under that tree. Many years later my husband and I bought the house. We were both sober and enjoying recovery. My mom was SO happy the “homestead” was still in the family. Many more years later, due to inactivity in my program and my higher power, I lost that home. Struggling for years, still living in that loss, I finally have come to terms with my material losses, and am once again sober. Where ever mom and nanna are, I would like to think they understand.
-Jessie B.

The house looked regal Standing there.
the oak tree made it so,
and mothers heart was broken when the great oak had to go.
For many a year it stood there,
as part of a God known plan.
Shading the roof many a summer,
only a great tree can.
This spring it failed to blossom and mother was sick with dread. Weeks went by and still no bud,
they sadly pronounced it dead I v
The branches were cut, one by one until at last the great tree was gone.
Now only, fond memory,
The house stands sad and
Now only a fond memory,
The house stands sad and forlorn.

Lee P

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