Our services are defined by the needs of those we serve


Gino Demaio
Chief Executive Officer

Welcome to Sound Community Services, Inc. (SCSI). We are a private, not-for-profit organization dedicated to educating, assisting, and supporting individuals with persistent mental illness and/or substance use disorders. We work tirelessly to create a culture and environment in which recovery and wellness is possible.

Our services are now defined by the needs of those we serve and incorporate the mainstays of recovery and wellness within all our programs. We are committed to the recovery process for those we serve by applying evidence-based behavioral health practices in order to achieve independence and integration into the larger community. As we move into the future, we are excited to implement this evidence-based philosophy to address the ever-growing addiction related issues in our community.

As a leader, coach and mentor at Sound Community Services, I’m honored to have the privilege to lead and create change by developing a shared vision for the future. Personally, I would like to thank all the amazing employees at Sound Community Services for embracing the winds of change.

As a result of a new vision for the future, a new culture has emerged; one filled with the enormous heart and soul of its employees and their personal commitment to the agency, those we serve and our community.

In service,

Our historical legacy of who we are is found in the story from where we came

  • 1976 | A mission emerged to facilitate the transition of numerous hospitalized individuals back into the community.

  • 2005 | Integrated Behavioral Health and First Step merged to become Sound Community Services.
  • 2010 | Sound Community Services became an industry leader by welcoming the diagnostically-driven electronic medical treatment record in a community-based agency.

  • 2013 | Under new leadership, Sound Community Services has grown significantly by providing new and innovative services that have affected the lives of many in southeastern Connecticut. The agency has also grown from a cultural perspective by focusing our attention on changing lives through empowerment, knowledge and opportunity while living our values of integrity, teamwork and service to our clients, our community and each other.