Dan Gaynor, Chair
Jane Cable, Vice Chair
Maria Sparmer, Secretary
Rosemary Robertson, Treasurer

Board Members:

K. Michael Talbot
Edward Blonder
Jan Blonder
Patricia Phillips
Stephen Pulaski
Joanne Reeves
Frederick Turnbull

The SCSI Board of Directors (BOD) is an active group that is fully integrated in all organizational development activities, including monthly board meetings and sub-committee meetings, strategic planning, decision-making and fundraising. Board members are active in the community on both local and State levels and hold seats on a variety of committees.

The SCSI Leadership Team reports directly to the BOD and meets with them monthly to discuss any activities or changes and maintains close contact with the BOD Chair regarding crucial decisions.

If you would like to serve on the Board of Directors for Sound Community Services, Inc., please contact Gino DeMaio, CEO at 860.439.6402 or via email.