We believe in the endless possibilities that can be harnessed simply by access to hope – hope in recovery, hope in progress, and hope in the future. At Sound, we dedicate our days to providing a culture of compassion and human connection that fosters hope through support, education, and opportunity. And while the statistics below inspire our mission, they do not define it. Ours is a mission defined by passion, intention, an enriched connection to those we serve and a belief that any statistic can be overcome when you dare greatly from the heart.


Our programs & services aim to address and ultimately reduce this startling statistic:

43.8 million adults experience some form of mental illness in a given year.

Because one-half of all chronic mental illness begins by the age of 14 and three-quarters by the age of 24, we partner with youth agencies – including Connecticut Strong – to bridge the gap and further prevent an increase in these statistics by extending services beyond the Department of Children and Families. Our partnership with CT Strong aims to help youth smoothly transition to young adults via extension and wraparound services that embrace our young people and provide them with the support services and educational, social, and therapeutic resources critical to a successful recovery.

With the prevalence of mental illness diagnoses, we focus on providing those we serve with clinical, counseling, case management, and social rehabilitation services to reduce symptoms and foster the skills necessary to live a fulfilling and independent life that is enriched with educational, vocational, and social opportunities.

The consequences of co-occurring mental health and addiction, and supporting statistics on the impact of dual diagnoses has led us to grow our knowledge and support services with the goal of reducing the recurrence of relapse and transitioning our clients toward overall wellness. Our BHH initiative aims to reduce recidivism and foster longterm health by providing wraparound services and a progressive approach to preventative behavioral health care services.

The alarming statistics on the access to and quality of treatment in America has driven our agency to focus our approach on partnering and collaborating with local agencies in order to extend our network of services, community outreach, awareness, and engagement.